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Quickly Get a Fully Automated Highly Optimized WordPress Site Setup in No Time!


Build Your Brand Across Multiple Platforms with Fully Integrated and Automated Systems

Automate Everything from Content Planning to Production. HTML Formatting for Optimized SEO and Even Automated CRM.

It doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. I’ve done 95% of the work for you!

I’ve been working with Artificial Intelligence for just about a year now, but I’ve been working with WordPress for almost two decades. WordPress Automation is not new, there are and always have been many plugins that would look to automate things.

The biggest problem, is none of them are truly complete, there are so many options. Many of the features are behind paywalls, and it’s often frustrating to find the right combination of plugins that will do the job.

Now I’m not saying that you can do everything for free, but I have selected plugins which with their free tier are very functional, and with their upgraded tiers they are full automation solutions that are affordable for anyone and well worth the value they provide. Let me show you.

The Most Important Thing is That You Get Results, So I Want to Demonstrate Some of What We’ve Done To Dominate Organic SEO with this Exact System

It’s simple, With Proper Optimizations, and You Get Consistent Results

SEO Scores On Site, and Google Page Speed Insights
Organic Search Traffic and Impression Growth
Growth in Literally Every Metric

I’m Not Going to Lie, it Takes Some Work to Get This Set up, But Once it’s Finished it Can Function Fully Autonomously Once You Fine Tune The Content Enough to Score High SEO Consistently

So if you’re willing to put in the work, I’m about to reveal Step by Step Exactly How I Can Set up a Fully Automated WordPress Site Connected to an entire Brand Network in Just a Busy Afternoon.

Step 1: Buy a Domain Name and Hosting for Your Brand

I typically use NameCheap for my Domains. It is also one of my Favourite hosts because of the huge value and flexibility of the Shared Cpanel Hosting I’ve been running my auto publishing api off of their node.js app from their Cpanel. You can do a lot of stuff for a shared host, and it’s very affordable.

Cpanel hosting is a huge help for someone like me who wants to run apps or custom API off the domains.

If you think what you are doing could be more resource intensive you might want to look into a better plan or a VPS, but really the cheap shared hosting or managed WordPress is enough for most sites.

If you’re looking for a less technical solution, Managed WordPress Hosting can be a good alternative.

Hostinger has some very good value on Managed WordPress hosting if you aren’t expecting anything to resource intensive, like just some blogs.

I am currently using both of these companies for various domain projects, depending on the technical requirements I can choose what I need for each project. Either one will work, Cpanel hosting will give you more options and control but may require more work to setup.

Consider the availability of socials, you should grab all of them before of immediately after you get your domain. If you can get the same username for each it’s ideal if not get something close or use the domain extension.

Step 1.5 Create a Consistent Brand Template

You should design a logo and header to be consistent across all platforms, I won’t get into to much detail about it, but Canva is very useful in that regard I’ve used it on many domains and quick projects.

Use your logo and header on both WordPress and Every Social Media Property You’ve claimed.

Step 2: Install WordPress and The Ultimate Plugin Stack

Installing WordPress on both Platforms is very simple, it’s more or less a one click install. In Cpanel the Softalicious installer will do the same thing, with a few more options but it is very simple.

Once you have WordPress installed you are going to want to grab the crucial plugins that we need to make this work. The first 3 are the most important and I’ll add a few more that I use to help with certain tasks

The most important one is for SEO, I’m using AIOSEO – All in One SEO. and while it is not the most popular, I found that some of them did a lot of things that made my life awful, so I have settled on this, and it turns out to be very good and does not interfere with my integrations like the other ones seemed to.

This is the cornerstone of everything, the analysis and target keywords are what you need. Make it Green, and you will Grow. Almost all of the results that I got for my client were because of this Plugin. We are using others but not to the same extent. I focused on the Page SEO first, and it’s payed off.

The next step for me is to nail down a consistent content plan to that I can schedule content to share to the network. I’ve published some, but I’ve been waiting to optimize our pages, and ideally our outputs before we post too much. I have used it to share the 16 Posts that I do have up, scheduled for the best times.

The Plugin is Blog2Social and is designed to share all kinds of content, to all sorts of networks, automatically.

Your Post Goes out to All Your Connected Media, Automatically!

Both of these are very capable at the free tier, but I would recommend upgrading both of them. The Features for AIO SEO are very worth the upgrade, and Blog2Social becomes fully automated with the upgrade. I have licences for both of these currently, and am using them on the most important domains.

I’m also using TaxoPress to Automate Tags, and Categories, with the free version you can do both but have to do one at a time manually. Upgrading would fully automate it, but I find that it’s not to hard to just do this before posts are published. If I had a ton of volume and wasn’t checking the posts this would be worth the upgrade easily saving a ton of time and energy on categories and tags.

I’m using a custom script to name images based on AI then using plugins to fill file attributes from the file name. It’s not perfect but it’s hands free image SEO if you upload them with the proper filenames.

I will try to add more details about the image optimization at a later point.

Another Super Important Addon / Service I Would 100% Recommend if You Take Reviews, is

Giving you the option to put google and other reviews on site, and insert rich snippets into the search results. If you are a local business or any business that relys on good ratings, this is a MUST HAVE upgrade.

Step 3 – Connect the Dots for Full Automation

You will need to setup Blog2Social which may take some time, most are easy to authorize but sometimes there is some setup involved.

You will want to define your cornerstone content (most important pages) in AIO SEO. You will want to choose one main Focus Keyword and Two Secondary ones and work to make those cornerstone pages score high in the analysis. I can go into more detail about ways to do this later but for now, choose your cornerstone content, and choose your keywords. You will get some suggestions that may just be quick fixes to improve your score immediately.

You should set up the Meta Data in AIO SEO for both the website, and the socials. This structured data is very important to google and social sites so take the time to fill out your open graph data in AIO SEO

Take the time to fill out your social media Bios. They can all link back to your site, and many of them can link to each other. You should also have a decent description that is both user and search engine friendly.

Once you have all this setup, when you post and share to all your networks you will build a ton of incoming links. If your content is good and gets interaction, then you will get even more links from shares.

This is why we want to cast the widest net possible by claiming every social property you can link, and linking them all. Some might seem pointless, and obviously some are better than others. None of them are useless.

Step 4 – Enable Automated Content Generation

Now I would love to tell you that, this is easy. I have been working on it for the better part of a year.

I’ve made progress, but do I have the solution for you right now? Probably not.

I have an old demo, of an old version of my script. It is not the easiest thing to setup, but you can find it here if you want to try it.

I have a much better version, that I plan to release soon but it’s not ready yet. I promise it’s coming soon, I just have to satisfy my perfectionist about all I need it to do. Also hopefully to make it easier to setup and understand.

I still have to automate CRM for my client and I’m looking at GoHighLevel for my solution. It seems super flexible and maybe can help me to solve other problems of integration or automating tasks. I’m going to check it out soon and we will demo the entire process from start to finish. I have several domains waiting.

I only need to only solve a few things, maybe 2 connections and 3 tasks and we’ve done it, it’s super close to fully automated and I want to finish the job. This is my focus right now, the demo is coming soon!

I’m about to close the loop on the full automation and when I do I will demo it out on a bunch of domains, and document the process and the results. If you’re unsure but want to see it in action, join the discord or follow our socials.

Good luck out there


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