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Quick Setup Guide

Step 1: Google Sheet and App Script Properties
Copy Google Sheets Template: Use the provided link to copy the template to your Google Drive.

To get a copy of the Google Sheet Visit

App Script Properties Setup

Configure App Script Properties:

Go to Extensions > Apps Script.

Open File > Project properties > Script properties.

Define the following properties:

wpurl: The URL of your WordPress site.

wpkey: Compose your WordPress credentials in username:application_password format, where the application password is generated from your WordPress user profile.

IA_KEY: Create a unique, secure key. This same key will be used in your Node.js server’s .env for secure communications.

proxyurl: URL of your deployed Node.js server. (To be filled later after server setup)

Node.js Server Setup

You have many options to host a node, I can give general instructions here, and try to provide more platform specfic guidance at

Server Code: Clone/download the server repository.

Install Dependencies: Navigate to the server directory. Run npm install. (Most platforms have a UI to do this)

Configure Environment Variables:

Create .env in the server root. (Most platforms have a UI to do this)

Set Env Variables:

IA_KEY: This is your personal key, you can use any value, make it secure and use the same one in the node to authenticate yourself

OPENAI_KEY: Your OpenAI API key, obtainable from OpenAI’s platform.

PORT: Preferred listening port for your server. Example: 3000

Example of .env:




For more details or platform specific instructions for Node.js setup please visit

Deploy Node.js Server and Test

Launch Server: Run node server.js or npm start. Ensure it’s live and reachable at the proxyurl specified in your Google Sheets script properties.

For a General Walkthrough on testing, and troubleshooting visit

If you are looking for help with setup or testing visit and you can search for guides, or ask our assistant.